How Southern Will Change Trains

How Southern Will Change Trains

Southern, formerly South Central, took over the Connex franchise in August 2001 and last year negotiated a seven year franchise with the Strategic Rail Authority that will run until December 2009.

The main area of Southern’s focus will be to transform the business over the next two to three years to become a different kind of train operator, where passengers expect more and are at the heart of everything Southern does.

The company is aiming to run a better train service and offer passengers an improved travelling experience.

The planned £1 billion investment in the network will continue with the completion of the introduction of new trains and the £115 million upgrade of Southern’s depots.

At stations, Southern is committed to repainting work, providing improved signage and better security to create a smarter, more modern environment.

Training for frontline staff is also planned, and workplace facilities such as mess rooms will be improved.

Other Southern innovations will include better on-board services, new ticket machines and new technology at stations and on trains to facilitate wireless internet access.

Southern is committed to a two to three year programme of change which when complete will deliver more for passenger.

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