Central Train Service

Central Train Service

Within the Central Trains area we operate to standards set by the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) which is the government body responsible for managing our franchise agreement.

These services are split into 2 groups, Inter-Urban and East Midlands & Lincolnshire.

Each group of routes has a Punctuality standard and a Reliability standard. Within this area, a train is deemed punctual if it arrives at its destination within 10 minutes of the advertised time.

Within the West Midlands area, we operate services for CENTRO, the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive.

For each line there is a punctuality standard and a reliability standard. Trains are deemed punctual if they arrive at their destination within 3 minutes of the advertised time. Each route has a different target.

The reliability figure is based on the number of trains actually run, and the target for every route in the CENTRO area is 99%.

As well as providing statistics on how your rail service is running, the figures also trigger refunds to passengers under the Passenger’s Charter when Punctuality and Reliability fall to set levels.

Details of these discounts are displayed at all staffed rail stations.

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