Britain By Train

Britain By Train – Schema Style 2017

For its size, Britain perhaps has the most varied landscape and culture in the world. The scenery is often dramatic, and history is everywhere. And the country is amazingly accessible, especially by train.

The choice is yours: to have lunch in Canterbury, or Bath or a weekend at Stratford-upon-Avon or Edinburgh, to experience the grandeur of the Scottish moors and lochs, or the intimacy of English valleys; to go on an historic trail, relax by the sea, or just travel through an endlessly changing kaleidoscope of scenery.

Hardly anyone comes to our shores who is not surprised and gratified by all Britain offers. Even Britons going to new places for the first time regret they have not seen more sooner. And those who tend to see the most, certainly in the most relaxed way, are those who make best use of British Rail (or Britrail as it is marketed overseas) for at least part of their travels.

This website hopefully will not only open up new horizons and make holiday choices more meaningful, but will enable the reader to pick the best railway journeys, to choose the places that are especially easily reached by train, to learn about scenery best seen from the train – and places where frankly you are better off by car.

London dominates Britain for overseas visitors: but please at least sample the very different and varied country outside the capital. This book indeed does not cover London or even Windsor which should be on every overseas visitor’s itinerary but does tell you about options including a little travel. Places especially likely to appeal to overseas visitors for a comfortable day trip by train are Salisbury, Plymouth, Bath and York, all described in this website.

For example, Bath is 107 miles from London, but they are covered in splendid comfort down one of the world’s earliest and still best-quality main lines in only about 75 minutes every hour from early morning to late evening. Why drive? A weekend away, there by train, perhaps renting a car for local trips, pays handsome dividends.

Plymouth and its surrounding coast and moor; Bath and district or a triangular trip out to Stratford-upon-Avon, drive to Bath and back; York and its surroundings or a triangular trip out to York, across the narrow backbone of England to the Lake District and back from Penrith or Windermere, or the Lakes and Chester are but a few of the more obvious suggestions.